Add a Custom Domain

I want to add an custom domain to the system(dot)io website, but when I redirect DNS from the website where I bought the domain name matbao(dot)net to your website, I encounter the following problems: Here is the DNS from the matbao(dot)net website [Picture], with a dot “.” at the end according to the picture.

But when I forwarded to your website, that dot disappeared even though I added it again as shown: [Picture] and [Picture].

Here are the instructions for me to transfer to your side that system(dot)io provided me: [Picture]

I followed those instructions but until now I still get this error: [Picture], not as shown in the picture in the instruction document: [Picture]

Please support me so I can add my custom domain name to parami(dot) and use the service through your provider. Thank you very much <3

Don’t worry about the dot at the end.

The problem is that you need to disable the :orange: proxy on the CNAME records. The switch where it says “proxy status” should be turned off so the cloud becomes :grey: grey.

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Tks so much, I done it <3

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