Add a .crypto blockchain domain to Cloudflare


We would like to add a blockchain domain to Cloudflare. The domain name ends with .crypto (registered over Unstoppabledomains). This domain is hosted on IPFS.
As per your blog posting in Jan 2021, Cloudflare offers a Distributed Web Gateway for both, Ethereum ENS and IPFS. See here:

As per the below article in Feb 2021, Cloudflare supports blockchain domains.
See: Unstoppable Domains Brings .Crypto Addresses Directly to Web Browsers - CoinDesk

Furthermore, as per the article below in Jan 2021, Cloudflare supports Interplanetary File System (IPFS).
See: Cloudflare Unveils Gateway to Distributed Web With ENS, IPFS Integration - CoinDesk

With that said, I have 3 technical questions:
a) When will your Distributed Web Gateway start supporting .crypto domains from
b) Can we resolve our blockchain domain ending .crypto over Cloudflare already and connect it with IPFS?
c) Can we map a DNS domain ending .xyz to .crypto by using Cloudflare?

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