Add a .cl domain to my account


I already buy and i want to add it to my profile in cloudflare.

Can you add it for me? I already try it but it seems it doesn’t work.

note: sorry about my english… (is not my native language)

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Diego {redacted}.

What is the error that you are having?

Here the tutorial step by step to add a your domain to cloudflare.

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Sorry I expressed myself wrong … what I need is to register a free webhosting under the domain to do some tests and thus decide whether to increase the plan or look for another provider.

The problem is that I cannot enter “” since it mentions that it is not registered when it IS … (attached images)

Thank you

Hi @grungito.ex,

Please see:

I didn’t checked the domain in my first reply :slightly_frowning_face:
Check the step 1 of the community tip domjh shared above:

The domain does not return valid name servers. In order to add a domain to Cloudflare, the domain must first be delegated to valid nameservers. Either park the domain using the registrars default nameservers or delegate to a third party DNS provider temporarily. Either action will allow you to add the domain.

Here the explanation from your registrar:

Cloudflare is not a hosting service, so first thing find a hosting and create your site.
Later you can add it to Cloudflare manually, like you were trying to do, or if the hosting you choose is Cloudflare partner they have a plugin and hopefully some tutorials to guide you through.

Sorry but i don’t understand how can i add a DNS to my domain… where i can find a DNS server to resolve the domain?

can you please provide me a DNS server to add it on my domain?


Please check my reply and also these pages:

then what is this? ( )

oh… i already understand…

Sorry about this case.

Thanks anyway

edit: please close this issue, sorry again.

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