Add a checkbox for the DNS records at the DNS tab


Recently, I started to figure out I am missing a checkbox for my DNS record(s) at DNS tab on the Cloudflare dashboard.

It would be much faster and easier when I have to manage multiple records at once.
For example, having cPanel SSL certificate and Full (Strict) SSL on Cloudflare, so when the time it is to renew it, I usually make the :orange: cloud to :grey: cloud for the needed records and Purge Cache (just in case) while wait for a minute or two to apply the changes.
Therefore, run the renewing process at cPanel, after it succeed, I turn back from :grey: to :orange: cloud.

I have to click on each DNS record (Edit), then on the :orange: cloud, then on the Save.
3 clicks per each DNS record.

I see the checkbox(es) helpful at this time, and maybe someone else too, like check the needed and then select from a dropdown an action like “Unproxy” or some other possible, if so, just like that and done (like group actions or something similar).

Yes, I know and understand it could be done differently like using Cloudflare API, or Pause Cloudflare temporarly for this site, or some other way around and etc., but sometimes users are more suitable and would prefer a “click & click” solution.

Even similar topic, when having “tons” of records to manage:

Would appreciate if it possible to have them for any future tense :slight_smile: