Adblock blocker doesn't work

Has it been discontinued i try it on my website and receive no warning, if i install both it happens each time. Has it been discontinued

Can be more specific ? About the issue

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the Cloudflare app store has adblockers blockers they don’t work

Cloudflare Apps You mean This ?

none of them work, link you sent me was dead. All the adblocker blocker apps do not work, nothing happens regardless of which one you install, Cloudflare has two anti adblock apps. None of them actually work. I’d be willing to bett it goes one further and even slows down your website while not working a duo of app nonsense from cloudflares apps. Wish Cloudflare would actually test their apps before promoting them to the public ¬ just sayin

I am sorry to hear this.
I’d suggest you to write an e-mail to the author/developer of the specific Cloudflare App which is stated under the “Support contact”.

nah, stuff should really be beta tested before being released to the public

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