Ad blocking

Does Cloudflare have any plans to add ad blocking category in its gateway dns filtering options??


Thank you for asking.

I believe this can be configured individually per need and on demand.

Therefore, I remember I saw the selector “Security Categories” (which are used by Cloudflare Radar) which offers “malware, spam, spyware, etc. …” which I can add to restrict/block when creating DNS policies.

Nevertheles, using Cloudflare for Family ( can also filter out “bad things”.

If that was the question? :thinking:

Or what would you like to block?
Advertisements like an AdBlock / Uorigin / AdGuard and other web browser extensions?

Just like that category, ‘security risks’ I am hoping for a category ‘ads and trackers’ to block all sorts of ads and trackers on a DNS level.

True, there are web browser extensions that can do that, but web extensions work in windows, not in other systems like android in general. Also, blocking ads and trackers on DNS level speeds up loading time for web pages and provides an overall better user experience.

Ye, would be cool to have.

I remember ProtonVPN has got a feature “Adblocker (NetShield)” which works good, but needs at least a Basic plan → ProtonVPN - Pricing.

I am not sure if that would be available, but, I’d suggest you to change your topic category to “Feature Request Submitting & Feedback” so any other people who might find this interesting could add a vote for it and we might get this feature :wink:

Done. :slightly_smiling_face:

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