Actually Cloudflare is slower than our in-house implementation


We have moved our hosted solution to Cloudflare and enabled many speed options using Pro Plan to test loading and caching speed of web site. Actually, we are disappointed, the Cloudflare works slower than our in-house solution.

We have three NGInx load balancer in Washington, Amsterdam, and Singapore in IBM Data centers and they servers cached web pages faster than Cloudflare across the world. For example, Cloudflare states that they have Servers in Japan, but it loads a web page from cache slower than our server in Singapore.

When you ran your tests, did you make sure you verified the Cloudflare datacentre where your requests are fulfilled? There might be a change your requests travelled across the globe, depending on your ISP’s routing.

How is your in-house solution implemented? Does it use Anycast?

it make sense, in the end if you know what are you doing you will always get faster results without Cloudflare, but Cloudflare tools to improve loading times is just a side effect of why you really need Cloudflare -> for protection

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