Actualización pendiente del servidor de nombres

El dominio el registrador lo tengo con ustedes CloudFlare, por ende no puedo cambiar los DNS para apuntar al hosting de Siteground.
El domingo 28/11/2021 con ayuda de soporte de Siteground agregamos los registros necesarios para apuntar al hosting de ellos, la cuestión es que ya han pasado 72 horas de este cambio y aun tengo la leyenda “Actualización pendiente del servidor de nombres”.

Necesito esperar mas tiempo???

That is correct.

On your DNS settings page, does it show that your Cloudflare name servers are Ajay and Jamie?

And you added DNS “A” records on that page that point to your Siteground IP addresses?

This is how the records that we added with the Siteground people turned out

Los DNS ajay y jamie son los que estaba utilizando con mi antiguo hosting.

What about this:

Indica que se haga el cambio de servidores, adjunto la imagen.
servidores DNS

Ok, Support needs to fix that. Can you send them email and ask them to fix the name servers for your domain? support AT cloudflare DOT com

ok, te agradezco

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When you get a message back, please post the ticket # here.

@sdayman Waiting for the ticket, thank you for your help

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El número de ticket es: #2317631

You currently have a security issue as you do not have a valid certificate on your server.

Then we fall into a loop, siteground does not allow me to install an ssl certificate until the DNS is updated, and in CloudFlare the status still does not change.

@user12780 Thank you for opening this ticket, I have escalated it internally and I will continue to assist you there.

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Thank you very much Gloria, I am alert for any changes

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