Active - Standby Load Balancing

What would be the best process to set up an Active/Standby DNS Load Balancing?

Cloudflare has an article that covers setting up the load balancer, you create two pools, defining one as a failover.

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Thank you for the response!

This is the approach I followed initially. However, if I have multiple Load Balancers created, I would need 2x Origins per Load balancer, correct? This process does not scale well when you need to create more than 10 load balancers.

I believe you can re-use a pool in multiple load balancers, which covers a lot of the scenarios I’ve come across.

Yes, I can re-use the pool members, but only when the load balancer maps to the same IP/Pool. However, this process won’t work in a scenario where-in each LB maps to a different IP as shown below -

LB1 =
Pool X - (primary)
Pool Y - (fallback pool)
Server -

LB2 =
Pool A - (primary)
Pool B - (fallback pool)
Server -

In such cases, we would need 2x pools per LB.

The other option I was thinking was to create a Load Balancer (LB) with 1 Pool, but this did not trigger a failover when the primary Server failed health checks. I think it because of the weight associated with each Server ( 100 vs. 0)

LB 3
Pool C -
Server 1 - (Weight = 0.99) => 100 % traffic
Server 2 - (Weight = 0) => 0% no traffic

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