Active SSL on my website

Hi, I just active my a website on for SSL and followed all instructions but still my website showing not secure. How much time taken to be secured?

There could be many different issues.

  1. The certificate can take up to 24 hrs to issue on a free plan.
  2. You could have misconfigured something so that there is no redirect or SSL is disabled completely.
  3. It could be just fine, but you see a cached version for some reason.
  4. It could be all good, but there is mixed content being served.

Can you elaborate on the actual setup? Share the domain?

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Hi @aessaey,

Just to add to the info that @matteo gave, you may want to have a look at HTTPS not working? Please read me first!

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Hello Matteo,
Thanks for your reply . Its free plan thats why took some time but its working now.

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Thanks for your reply @domjh,
My problem is solved its working well.


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