ACTIVE SSL but Site still not secure

Hi there,
I have an issue … name servers set to Cloudflare, whois confirms this, ssl enabled and always use https switched on, notes that I have SSL, but browser says site not secure.
Site is [ ]

Make sure the proxy status for DNS record is :orange:.

By the way, I can see you installed the Cloudflare Origin Certificate which is good to see. You just need to make sure that your SSL encryption mode is Full (strict) too.

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Thanks for your prompt response, though the error still persists even after changing the proxy status and encryption mode. Please advise

It’s now propagating the new Cloudflare IP address.

Most probably you have an outdated DNS cache on your PC or your ISP DNS server. Try rebooting your router, PC or change your DNS resolver to or

Thank you, working fine now.


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