Active Domain is not showing up/going to parking page

I have two domains registered with Cloudflare. One of them is working fine, but for some reason the other one isn’t working. I transferred both over from another registrar about 6 months ago, and the now-broken domain is supposed to redirect to the other one. All was working fine when I first transferred over, and I’m not sure when exactly it broke, as I don’t check it very often. On chrome desktop & firefox mobile it shows up as a completely blank page, and on Safari desktop it goes to one of those parking pages where you can renew dead domains.

Anyone know why this might’ve happened all of a sudden? I noticed all of this because I was trying to set up email routing from that broken domain, which also appears to not be working (despite the routing status saying enabled and the email DNS records saying configured on my cloudflare dashboard). I would assume these issues are related, but am not sure.

Could you provide the domains in question?

This message board isn’t letting me post links for some reason, but the broken domain is:

gut feeling films . com

And the working one, which the first is supposed to redirect to, is:

jj pollack . com

What DNS records are configured for How are you handling the redirect?

I’m attaching a picture of the DNS management page. The MX an TXT types were only set up after the site had already broken though, when I was trying to do email routing.

I’m also attaching a picture (below, in my next reply since I’m a new user to the forum & limited) of the one redirect rule I’ve set up. Although again, I only set this up after the site had already broken. Can’t honestly remember how I had previously been redirecting it or if there’s another method on Cloudflare.

You have a wildcard record (first in list) that matches absolutely anything e.g. or

This will cause you issues.

Also the redirect is wrong. You are checking the URI which as shown in the example below the input in the part after the /. You want to check the Hostname equals

What currently matches is

which redirects to


which redirects to

Gotcha. I’ve deleted the wildcard record and set up a bulk redirect instead (using Hostname in the single redirect still wasn’t working, not sure why).

Looks A-ok now, appreciate the help!

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