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“Active Connections per Tunnel” is means each Cloudflare tunnel can support 100 concurrent users OR each Cloudflare tunnel can run parallel 100 times as a service in the same machine?

Neither. That you can have up to 100 cloudflared instances linked to the same tunnel name/ID. This is a sort of HA mechanism and all should do exactly the same things routing and access wise to the applications as the requests will be routed to one randomly (maybe there is some logic, depending on the location, but I am not sure about that).

Concurrent Users and number of instances depend on the performance of the machine it’s hosted on. I don’t see a reason to have more than 1 or a few instances running in a single machine (if you really want to split services), but maybe…

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@matteo is almost right, but not exactly

Each cloudflared establishes 4 connections to Cloudflare edge, so that it is reachable in a highly available way, non-dependent on a single Cloudflare server nor PoP.

What that limitation says is that we impose a limit of 100 connections per Named Tunnel. So if you run the same Named Tunnel in multiple cloudflared replicas, then you can only run 25 replicas.

As far as we know, there’s no good reason to have that many replicas, so thus far this has been just a sanity check to avoid abuses.


I totally went by memory and didn’t realise it said connections. Thanks for the clarification.

At a certain point it’s better to use actual Load Balancers which handle failover better and can steer geographically…

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