Active Certificate: Site Not Secire

Hi, I’ve recently connected another site ( to use Cloudflare, I have 8 already with no issues.

I have changed the Nameservers of my domain to point to Cloudflare and checked they’re active on

The SSL/TLS encryption mode is Flexible, the certificate is active and Always Use HTTPS is on.

Though when I visit the site, it is Not Secure.

The only difference to my other sites is that this one is hosted with 123-Reg.

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


It’s showing as secure for me. Probably some caching issues on your local machine, they’ll go away.

PS: I can’t not say that Flexible isn’t really the best option for the encryption mode, you should at least strive for Full and ideally Full (Strict).


Thank you for your reply Matteo, I have also just managed to view it being secure by using hotspot.

However, from my end, it’s not linking the css external files, do you have any idea why that might be?

Also, I do not have a certificate on my hosting (only on Cloudflare). Will Full/Full(strict) be ok for this?

Thank you


Not really sure, if it works using the hotspot try clearing the cache of your browser and/or simply waiting for the DNS caches to update.

No, for the former you need a certificate (self-signed or wrong common name works), for the latter it must be a valid cert for your domain.

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