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Hi there,
I tried to connect the Active Campaign landing page based on their instruction. However, it didn’t work. The landing page doesn’t show up. Does anyone have any experience with the issue and any idea to fix it?
What I did is,

  • Add CNAME / (Name)www / xxxx(the Active Capmpain account name)
  • Set the page redirection like root domain to www
  • Set proxied www CNAME and A records based on the page rules instruction

Your response would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.

I have a landing page created in Active Campaign and I tried to connect the domain to the landing page and failed. I checked the instruction of Active Campaign, but it’s still not working.
Has anyone gone through the issue before? or have any idea how to fix the issue?
What I did on Cloudflare is:

  • Add CNAME - (Name)www/ (Content) / Proxied
  • Create Page redirection the root domain to www one

Your response would be greatly appreciated.

Likely the CNAME needs to be set to “DNS only” for Active Campaign to validate it.

Make sure the root domain (@) has a DNS record. As you are redirecting, use a dummy proxied record of A or AAAA 100::.

If you still have problems, what is the domain?

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