Active Campaign Domain Verification CName not working

Im using Active Campaign for email automation.

Per the request of active campaign, I have added a Cname on Cloudflare for 14400 IN CNAME

When I save and check, it says error, like it is not taking the cname. I have waited 3-4 days and this is still the case. Any ideas here?

Where are you getting the error?

I’m assuming the error comes from Active Campaign, and I can see that your email domain is :orange:. It’s possible that AC are checking the value of the DNS entry and as they don’t see their zone in the response, throw the error.

Try setting the record to :grey: and try validate again.

If that works, you will need to experiment to see if you can revert to :orange: after the validation is complete.

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Michael, That fixed it. Thanks so much!!

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