Activation link to access is missing ( once sent 3 days ago are no longer valid - new are not sent out )


I do not receiving activation links for new account in time. They came few days ago but they expired already. My ISP is delivering mails instantly. Is it something that community can help me with ? or this is non solvable problem ?


Requesting for new activation link does not send an email at all - or maybe I will receive in a week time when they already expired.


Can you post the email headers? They should reveal where the email gets stuck.


I mean I did receive activation link for community page few minutes ago. But still no activation link for main account. Do not know how to get headers from cloudflare.


You might want to open a support ticket at



The page you were looking for doesn’t exist

You may have mistyped the address or the page may have moved


Swapped the path.

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