Activating CDN( on The DNS Page) issues with Safari / iOS

here is a weird thing
everytime i activate CDN on the DNS page all mac safari ( only ) browers and any iOS browers ( chrome, safari…etc ) doesnt load at all… when i turn the CDN off it works perfectly
I am on ubuntu 16.04 ( apache + nginx ) / wordpress website
My subscribtion is the 20$ per month…
so i am really at a lost here

But it works with other browsers?

yeah every browser ( accept safari on mac ) and all broswers on ios devices ( iphone / ipad)
it works on
chrome / firefox mac
all browers on pc
andriod phones

Same issue here. Does anyone know the solution?

I am on a Mac - having the same problem with Safari. No problem with Firefox or Chrome.

If I force-quit Safari and then reload the page, it shows OK. Then the problem reappears and I cannot reach the site. It starts to load and then it just hangs.

I am getting the same problem with Safari, Firefox, and Brave on iOS.

If I go off wifi on my phone, I can reach the site - so I wondered whether it was a router DNS issue?

I looked at this article - on OSX DAILY and I followed that and set up the Cloudflare DNS and it worked.

IMPORTANT - take a note or a screen grab of your existing DNS Settings because you may have to add them back in when you add the Cloudflare DNS.