Activating APO & Auto Purge at the same time


My ticket #2213376 has not been addressed yet (It’s over 4 days since I got the last reply from the support team) and so, I am posting my question here.

QUESTION: Is there any way to use APO and Auto Purge at the same time?

I’ve activated the Auto Purge Cache feature in Cloudflare’s WordPress plugin and so, I had to disable the APO (Automatic Platform Optimization) feature. (There is a message under the Auto Purge Cache option that APO supersedes this feature and you cannot enable it while APO is in use).

What do you think is the best solution in this case? I need Auto purge activated as my site is a community platform (gets updated more often).

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APO is supposed to purge related assets just as Auto Purge would.

Is something not working in APO?

Yes, I want cloudflare to purge every time a post is updated with a comment on my site and APO doesn’t do that.

I got to know about the “Auto Purge on Update” feature available in the cloudflare wordpress plug in.

As soon as I enabled this feature, cloudflare started purging automatically every time content gets updated.

But the downside of this feature is that we will have to disable APO in order to start using it. (This was mentioned as a note in the plugin).

The issue is that I have seen a little drop in the pagespeed insights report after disabling APO.

APO should be purging after comments. Is it the Post page that’s not updated? Or nothing is updating?

It’s the post page that is not updating and I’m missing out on seo as Google is indexing just the question and not the answer (It’s a q&a site).

Please open a ticket and post the ticket # here. @yevgen usually checks on APO purging issues. From your account’s email address, to support AT cloudflare DOT com

I have already opened a ticket #2213376 and it’s been 5 days

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Ah, right. You did mention the ticket number. I’ll push this post into the escalation queue.

Thanks sdayman :slight_smile:

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There is no difference between “Auto Purge” and APO purging logic in WordPress plugin. With APO disabled you don’t cache HTML anymore, right? Do you use “Cache Everything” with “Auto Purge” together?

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