Activating a .gq domain?

I own I realize those are considered ‘spammy’ domains, but I actually paid for the domain name. So, it’s not a free one.

But, the whois doesn’t seem to work. So, it’s never seeing that the nameservers are actually changed.

See this image:

The nameservers have been changed and fully propagated: (A new user can only embed one image, so you’ll have to click that. Sorry.)

If I use the whois that is on that page:

It gives this answer:
Failed to perform lookup using WHOIS service: TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED.

Is there some sort of manual verification or some other process I can go through? Telling it to check again does no good, obviously.

Thanks. I’ve checked the site, using all the search terms I could think of. I’ve used a regular search engine, just in case. I was unable to find an answer.

Apparently not. I usually go with what dnschecker says, but I also try some dig commands as well, since they check against actual DNS resolvers, rather than WHOIS.

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Hmm… Thanks!

Does CF use that, or do they use something internal, or do they use the whois data at the link on their page, the one that said the TLD isn’t supported?

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Also, I’ve learned something new. (It won’t let me edit.)

Thanks, again.

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