Activated Under Attack mode

Hello. I am new at cloudflare. And I had some problem that my website and host are under attack by ddos.

So I requested to cloudflare, me to have an under attack mode to secure the server of mine.

But I have problem. Whenever I activate the under attack mode, my patcher on my game doesn’t work. And whenever I added to whitelist the IP Address of my host, it is not working either. So I thought I must add my own IP address, and it did work. But the problem, my other players cannot connect to the patcher to play my game. How can I activate the patcher of mine for everyone while activating the under attack mode system?

Thank you for helping me out!

You can’t have it both ways. You’d have to start creating Firewall Rules that block unwanted traffic while letting your good traffic through.

Thank you for responding Mr. Sdayman, how can I know those unwanted traffics? So that I can block them? I am still have very few ideas how to get the IPs who attacked me. How can I know so that I can block them. Thank you very much.

One more, if I block a certain country like USA, do my players over there cannot play anymore? Sorry for trouble.

Your server logs are the place to look for characteristics of the attack. If it was easy to defend against, Cloudflare would add a magic wand to free plans. Just start blocking networks and regions you know don’t have a legitimate need to access your site.

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