Activated Rule for Chaching Dynamic HTML articles pages and lost Count Views for articles , How to resolve?



Yesterday , I activated the Agressive cache for Dynamic html article for our CSM Vivvo .
However due to the cached articles , The Count Views of article isnt working now because of the cache .

I wonder if there is any solution for the article get their correct numbers of views

Thank you


You can’t have it both ways. You cache so visitors don’t hit your site, but you want your site to track their visits.

If you want to continue to get Count Views, you’ll need to resort to an Analytics package. Visitors need to connect to something that’s going to track their views. Cloudflare’s analytics are too general.


In addition to the above comment using an Ajax view counter would resolve the issue as well but you would need to have it developed

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Thanks Scoth0407

Im thinking on using Ajax for Views counter .
I wonder if it will affect our load average of the server as we have a busy mysql queries for a News Website .( with high traffic) .
I wonder if the performance of the Ajax counter is better than "Direct page " counter


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