Activated at suggestion of Pantheon many years ago

Hello anyone who can help. And thanks in advance.

Many years ago (4 or 5?) I migrated a friend’s site to pantheon. At pantheon’s suggestion, I went ahead and set up cloudflare on top of things.

Now, we’re about to move away from pantheon to a new stack, but cannot manage the domain records via NetSol because it says they’re locked over here on Cloudflare.

When I log in to my account, I don’t see the site we have to change things for… what am I missing? Cloudflare doesn’t provide email support for my free account, but we can’t just change the DNS info because it’s going to jack their MX records/email ■■■■. I don’t know what to do…I’m very much NOT a server/IT person. Just a front-end designer/dev.

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