Activate web analytics

I received an email saying that Minify will be deactivated on August 5th and that I should migrate to Web Analytics. I found instructions impossible to follow, as the suggested links do not exist. I need to continue with a free plan, as the return I get from the site is very small

You don’t need to “migrate” from minification to web analytics, the suggestion to use web analytics is to just measure if minification has a meaningful impact on your site speed.

Minification is going away anyway, so if you find doing the measurement beyond you then don’t worry about it. Any effect due to losing minification it is likely to be unnoticeable anyway for most users.

Yes, but I couldn’t find the way to do this, can you help me?

So I can rest assured that my site won’t go down when Minify is deactivated?

There’s no reason why it should. But you are going to have to try it anyway as Cloudflare minification is going away so you’ll be without it eventually whatever you do.

I need help doing this, can anyone help me?

You can turn off minification in your dashboard here…

…or just wait until the feature is removed anyway.

I am going to wait. Thanks