Activate Rocketflare in WP Rocket through FTP


I changed my Name Server records to the Cloudflare servers. But Cloudflare was not activated in Wordpress plugin WP Rocket. Now I can not access my website. Is there a way to activate Cloudflare in WP Rocket through ftp ? Or do I have to wait until my old NS records are activated ? Need help.

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What’s the error message and would you mind to tell us the domain?

FTP isn’t proxied when Cloudflare is active you need to connect directly to your server’s IP. Renaming the plugin folder should be enough to deactivate it.

Did you sign up through a partner or do you manage your settings with ?
You can pause or deactivate CF there.

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Hi the domain is To clarify. I signed up for Cloudflare using WP Rocket. Then I changed the nameservers at my hoster to the ones Cloudflare requires. But i ddeactivated Cloudflare addon in WP Rocket. Now I cant access the website. So I need to activate Cloudflare in WP Rocket… Thx in advance.

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