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Hi There,

For some reason i cannot login to my Wordpress admin and it gets rejected by saying "The email could not be sent, possible reason : your host may disabled the email function.

The hosting server of our website is CloudFlare as per the link below :-

But when i login to my CloudFlare account, i don’t see the hosting feature and what i am seeing is the DNS management only as it is a free account.

Could you please advice how do it overcome this problem?


The DNS record(s) used for e-mail service (usually the A mail record) should be :grey: cloud at DNS tab on Cloudflare dashboard for your domain and the MX record should point to a hostname that is set to that unproxied (usually the A mail ) with DNS only record, otherwise your e-mails will not work as it seems to be the case.

Nevertheless, re-check out your configuration if you are actually trying to sent out from your hostname (DNS record) which could be the main domain like and which is being proxied by Cloudflare (:orange: cloud), instead from the hostname which is being unproxied like :grey: cloud.

Kindly, see below article and install and use the WP Mail SMTP plugin - works like a charm at least for me and other users (there are already similar topics around here) :wink:

There could be few issues if using Cloudflare, kindly see below instructions to re-check the needed DNS record for propper e-mail functionallity:

Here is a great tutorial to check how to properly setup e-mail to prevent them going to SPAM:

Cloudflare’s default configuration only allows proxying of HTTP traffic and will break mail traffic.

Just in case, sharing here a list of some websites/tools I usually use to check, test or even generate something in case I forgot how does it go regarding an e-mail setup:

Kindly, check to which port are you actually connecting, if so (25, 110, 465, 995, etc.)

Furthermore, are you using an SSL certificate for your e-mails too?

Hi Fritexv,

Appreciate your explanation!

Our MX / DNS is working perfectly as i can send and receive email. Also the website is up and running with active SSL. The issue right now is i couldn’t reset my Wordpress password (probably) the SMTP function is disabled.

Basically I need an access to the CPanel of CloudFlare in order to activate the SMTP for Wordpress. According to Wordpress, they unable to activate the email function as it is from the hosting side.

If you can guide explain to me the way to access the hosting CPanel, i might be able to fix the problem.

Currently im using CloudFlare free plan, will it be reason why i can’t see the Cpanel?


I am afraid this is not possible.

Maybe try accessing via or or if so.

Nevertheless, I am afraid Cloudflare is not hosting your Website (content).
Rather, only manages the DNS of your domain and some other features as well (Security, Optimization, etc.), but hosting services aren’t (yet) being provided by Cloudflare (in terms of a web hosting company) “as-is”.

Maybe you are trying to access Cloudflare Dashboard?

Otherwise, try to access Cloudflare dashboard and temporary use the Pause Cloudflare for this site option (to temporary disable Cloudflare). Therefore, wait for few minutes and re-check if you can get the password reset on your e-mail.

Even then, if you can actually access the cPanel of your hosting provider while the domain is not being proxied :orange: cloud (you can also temporary try to switch from :orange: to :grey: cloud - DNS-only).

Hi Fritexvz,

I can access to the see panel via MyDomain Login, but i don’t have the login credentials. Will you able to help me to recover the logins?

As per Web Technologies used by, our site hosted on Cloudflare.


Unfortunately, I am not an “black-hat hacker”, neither have those skills.

There are know methods of password or account recovery for cPanel user.

Either contact your Web hosting provider to reset it, or try to log into the Web hosting panel (usually WHMCS) and therefore go to cPanel through their interface.

I am afraid this is not true actually.
Cloudflare does manage your domain DNS records due to their nameservers at your domain name registar.
It could “host” your site, if you are using Cloudflare Workers, etc. more like serverless.
But, you are mentioning cPanel, which I am afraid Cloudflare does not offer.

Furthermore, regarding the cPanel and login you can see the IP address under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your domain at your Cloudflare account, and by that IP address you can find your hosting provider and therefore contact it.

For your domain there are also available DNS records from history, which point me to the GoDaddy or Hetzner, while your e-mail is at Google, some dev stuff at Amazon, etc. if so?

Re-check your e-mail regarding any hosting information provided by GoDaddy.
If yes, then you would have to contact them regarding your further cPanel login data, etc.

Or, to figure out and find out, you could ty by:

  1. Temporarly Pause Cloudflare for your site using the option at Cloudflare dashboard.
  2. Temporary switch from :orange: (proxied) to :grey: (DNS-only) cloud so we could check that out through the day.

Thanks Fritex!

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