Activate cloudflare pro only for certain subdomains

I want to activate cloudflare pro only for certain subdomains, is it possible?
ex: active only for

If you only want those subdomains on Cloudflare, you would need a Biz or Enterprise plan for a CNAME setup.

However, you can put the entire domain on CF and only set the subdomains you want to :orange: and leave the rest as :grey: to bypass Cloudflare’s services.


Can you elaborate on what you actually want to achieve? The way explained right now would not make too much sense in a Cloudflare context I am afraid.

I have several subdomains, each of which has a different IP, I want to use cloudflare pro only for one of the subdomains that I have, does Cloudflare have a limit on each package? I don’t want activities on other subdomains to interfere with the performance of our superior subdomain activities

Activating the Pro plan won’t affect any activities on your other subdomains, but if you change one of the global settings in the dashboard it will apply that setting to every subdomain. If you want to control how certain subdomains work, regardless of the global settings, you can set up a page rule that matches* and add rules to that.

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