Activate Cloudflare on an external subdomain?

Hello everyone,

How can I activate Cloudflare on an external subdomain?

My register is Aruba, while my hosting company is SiteGround (Cloudflare partner). I’ve already activated Cloudflare on the main domain via SiteGround. But then I created also a subdomain in Aruba for a dedicated website on Siteground and when I try to activate Cloudflare also on it, it says that subdomains aren’t supported.

Thank you for your help.

If I understand correct, you have already setup, and you want to set up If so, then you can’t, you can only add domains. Why do you need to set up a subdomain? You can manage all the subdomains through Cloudflare.

I’ve already set up and I want to set up

My domain isn’t registered via Cloudflare. What do you mean by “manage all the subdomains through Cloudflare”?

Sorry but I’m quite new at this. Thanks for your answer.

That error code s from siteground? You’d need to ask them.

I did. They say it’s something related to Cloudflare preventing activation on subdomain. Which seems odd to me to be honest.

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