Activate Cloudflare can't open wordpress dashboard

I purchased hosting in hostgator , installed wordpress, but can’t open wordpress dashboard page, website page is fine.i charted with hostgator support told me because cloudflare a record not point to hostgator,but i checked cloudflare it already added a record and point to hostgator ip .

What happens when you try?

What’s the domain?

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Thanks for reply. That issue was fixed, hostgator support team told me , because I activate hosting SSL and cloudflare SSL at the same time was duplicate. Then hostgator support team was fixed.

You do need SSL on your server too. If your host removed that they made your site insecure.

Can you tell me how to setup SSL in my host. My host is hostgator . thanks.

Like this turn on SSL?

If that is your server certificate, then yes.

I got it. Thanks for your help.