Activate CDN for a website hosted externally

Hello everyone.

I have this small English school website,

Which’s domain name registered with Goadday

And the hosting is done by Krystal, I like to activate a CDN for this website, so every time I try to do the CDN, Cloudflare asks me to change the nameservers …

This is my question, if I change the nameservers which pointed to a hosting provider…from my domain name registrar, woulnt’s that break my hosting.

If any one have solution where I can activate the CDN without changing nameservers, please do let me know…

Thank you

Mistake :slight_smile:

Yes, if name servers are changed without any precautions. In Cloudflare’s case they will try to migrate existing entries.

There isnt, with Cloudflare you have to switch name servers.

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