Action needed on your transfer to Cloudflare Registrar

I try to transfer a domain to Cloudflare, But I recieved a email from Cloudflare, Title is “Action needed on your transfer to Cloudflare Registrar”.

Cloudflare tell me that “The transfer of your domain,, to Cloudflare Registrar was not completed due to a registrar lock still active at your current registrar. Cloudflare cannot complete the transfer until you remove the lock with your current registrar.”

When I looked up the whois, it shows that my domain’s registrar is Cloudflare, But the status is still “Transfer in progress”.

I have write a ticket but there is response.

What can I do to solve the problem? The cloudflare‘s service is really BAD!!!

Good day @Caihong

The domain WHOIS shows indeed that its registered @ Cloudflare
Also the domain is locked, are you trying to transfer from CloudFlare to CloudFlare?
The domain is updated @ 2021-10-15T13:29:37Z

What do you see in your dashboard under the domain : Domains | Account | Cloudflare - Web Performance & Security

Thank you, Paul.
I never tried to transfer from CloudFlare to CloudFlare.
When I open the link that you tell me, the page shows “404 | We can’t find the page you’re looking for.”
I have tried several ways but its all helpless, really tired of this problem.

Hi @Caihong

When you check the registrar tab in your dashboard, do you see still that the transfer is in progress?

@Sdayman, maybe you can help?

I have the same issue. Transferred 3 or 4 domains, all showing as on Cloudflare and old registrar has removed them, but got the same email. Cant get through to support, think all of mine are stuck or in limbo, all seem to be the same. Poor support for a paid product to be honest. been trying to get through and get clarity for 3 days now, still nothing. Transfer happened a week ago.

Thanks for your help and patience @paul.zwagerman
Today when I open the dashboard of Cloudflare, the status of my domain became “Active”.
I think if I didn’t close the DNSSEC before I transfer to Cloudflare make the problem?

Good day @Caihong

DNSSEC could be, but I think it needed a little time to transfer and to complete.

Good to see your domain is transferred!

Good day @hdsnf723

The registrar feature of CloudFlare is awesome, but still in beta as you can see.
But I believe it will complete your transfer soon.

If you let us know which domains you are transferring we can have a look.

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