Acted the suggested Cloudflare changes - now site is gone

So I popped on Cloudflare yesterday and saw that there were some suggested changes, which I enabled.

Now…this may just be very coincidental - but a few minutes later, the website was redirecting elsewhere (main URL now redirecting to a subdomain within the same server/file directory). It could well be an issue with my host - but just on the off-chance…is there anything on Cloudflare that may have caused this to happen? I’m on chat to the hosting provider to try and see if it could be something server side.

Why Wait
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Example: #CommunityTip 521

Test Before You Post
Unsure of the issue? Test before posting using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center: Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare

What were the changes?

Auto minify, brotli. I’ve disabled them since…hosting believes the issue is probably DNS related. Have ditched Cloudflare for now to see if that resolves the problem.