Acme_challenge Let's Encrypt on sub domain with Cloudflare?

I need to have a TXT record for Let’s Encrypt to verify ownership. The problem is that I can add a TXT record to the sub domain through the Cloudflare interface. I can add a TXT record to but not to

I can create but not acme_challenge.sub…

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Will _acme-challenge.subdomain work?

I can add it (see below) but I dont know if it will resolve

Worth a try

of course, I am not thinking, wow. Thanks. I will try this.

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I’m quite confident it will resolve, but I’ve never been able to fake an acme-challenge TXT record. It’s as if it’s a one-time check and if it’s not part of the automated process, then you’ve already missed the one time that Let’s Encrypt checks that DNS record.

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It worked, thank you so much.

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