Accounts page is Empty, Can't even contact Support

Hi. I have Cloudflare credentials, and I can login successfully. But, when I go to the ‘Accounts’ selector on my Dashboard… it’s Empty! Which means I can’t do anything at all. Requesting support, adding products… it all has to be done starting there, from a particular CF ‘Account’.

This seemingly happened because I first signed in to CF to work on someone else’s account. Then, we created a separate company account, rendering that original one OBE. And I switched to running that company account through my work email. So, today, I left both of those Accounts, as I no longer want to be part of them using this email address/credential-set.

I had assumed it would create a new Org/Account for me personally, as what I now want to do is migrate some personal sites to CF. But instead… I’m just orphaned! I have credentials, but I seemingly have no ‘Account’. And I can’t find a way to create one. I think that’s supposed to happen automagically. What do to, please?