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Hi Guys
I have my domain name and hosting purchased from Godaddy,
And due to receiving email notifications when someone signs up on my website, I realized I needed a business email, a friend told me about Cloudflare and I added my website and I also went through some steps and I created a business email here on Cloudflare and everything was working until few weeks when my website link was putting up an ERROR 1000, i tired my best to get it fixed, but I couldn’t get it fixed, so I deleted my website and changed my DNS record to Godaddy recommended.

Now I need a business email again, and I want to add my website again without having to go through the stress of ERROR 1000.

Please what do I do.

Hello brandondigitalsfunbi

To avoid encountering ERROR 1000 after adding your site to Cloudflare again, make sure your DNS records point to your origin server’s IP address (likely provided by GoDaddy), instead of Cloudflare’s IPs or any other reverse proxy’s IPs. If you’re unsure of where your DNS should point, contact your hosting provider for the correct records. If the issue persists, you may have to export DNS records from the Cloudflare dashboard and import them again. Always remember to clear your cache after making changes. For more information, please check these tutorials: Fixing Error 1000 and Importing and Exporting DNS Records.


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