Account temporarily disabled

Hi there,

I started to transfer my DNS from TransIP to Cloudflare however after everything was setup I’m getting this message displayed on my website :

The account which is hosting this domain has been temporarily disabled.

If you are the owner of this account, please check your e-mail and contact support or your sales representative.

I did some research and couldn’t find much on of how to fix this problem.

Is this a Cloudflare or TransIP message?

I’ve contacted them earlier and they told me it wasn’t their message.

Would you mind sharing a screenshot?

Also, it tells you how to proceed…

please check your e-mail and contact support or your sales representative.

This does definitely seem like a non-Cloudflare error. Formatting, HTML page, headers, etc.

Also quick explaining on the contact Cloudflare, I’m already sound that but I don’t really have the time to wait for them to respond back so maybe the community has a solution

Unfortunately, if this actually is a CF issue, that’s for the Trust & Safety team to handle. Not even basic support can help.

Look for the e-mail, that will confirm if it’s actually CF.

I have some possible confirmation it might be CF, but I can’t verify, nor can the staff that is saying this to me.

edit wording sounds CF, but no branding and the way it’s done is a very red flag for me.

Alright then I will get in contact with them, thanks for the help!

Follow the e-mail instructions, if it’s CF. If not I guess follow them regardless, but I can’t help at all there.

Not that I can with T&S, either.

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I didn’t even think about doing that test, as I am pretty sure it’s not CF, but disabling the proxy on that hostname, going straight to origin, will tell you where it’s coming from. Or try and fetch directly from the IPs the hosting gave you.

Solved it! I had to do some tweaking at the options from the hosting dashboard :see_no_evil:


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