Account suspended - ways to transfer my domain?

Hello friends!

My old account with Cloudflare was suspended by Trust & Safety team as I have not promptly responded to their query in regard to possible T&S violation. (it turned out that I wasn’t violating any rules).

The problem is that my domain is managed by this suspended account and I have no way to move it to my new account or access any details. I tried contacting support 10X times but the bot keeps closing my tickets :rage:

Any ideas on how can I resolve this issue?

Appreciate your feedback

Hi @malzahrani,

Can you share your ticket number(s) here and we can escalate them to the support team. I believe you should have been able to follow up with Trust and Safety directly if they suspended your account, but hopefully the tickets can get routed there anyway.


Thanks @domjh for your reply.

I have multiple tickets with them, but they don’t seem to fully understand the issue. In some replies they say go back to the registrar and change it there :slight_smile: and others say contact technical support :confused:

I don’t think my issue is that complicated and can be resolved within minutes.

Here are some tickets that I raised, most of which was closed with no resolution:


I did escalate this yestersay and believe #2192105 is the active ticket. Hopefully you received a response there and can work with them in the ticket now, as the community can’t help with this.


Appreciate the support and guidance you provided me with @domjh.

Many thanks!

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