Account Suspended out of nowhere

My account just got suspended out of nowhere, no over usage of limits, no terms broken, and I even had a card on the account. The domains I purchased from Cloudflare are down, but the ones that are added from different registrars still are up, No reply from the email, been over a day.

Hi @global.thenextgenera sorry for the issues you’re encountering. The Community cannot assist with this, the team will reply on ticket 2830207, please continue the conversation on that ticket or with the Trust & Safety team if your ticket is escalated to that team.

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The thing is that a lot of people are getting this on their account, is there any special changes or anything internal that changed that is suspending the accounts?

Please, do not open multiple tickets with Support, that just slows reply time for you and everyone else. Only the Trust & Safety team can address your questions.

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If you can look at the other ticket, it is for different thing

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