Account suspended in less than 24 hours

Created a Cloudflare account yesterday, purchased a new domain, and less than 24 hours later they suspended my account and the website no longer works and is completely down. What is going?

Check your email

I assume you mean the very generic, ■■■■ information email that says, “Your account is suspended”.

Gives no other information other than an email address to email, which I’ve done. Then you get told a totally different email address to email if you call. Very poor service.

Talked to sales. Our domain name has been fully removed from our account and the account suspended. We were left with a note of, “Do no upgrade.” from an admin with no other information. Great customer support so far.

you contacted sales

What was that email and what reply did you receive?

I suspect this was routed to our Trust & Safety team. Do you see the term(s) abuse or trust & safety?

I did that because that’s what Cloudflare told me to do. Shouldn’t tell folks to call in if you’re expecting bad customer experience.

Initial email said Trust and Safety team, but then your customer support told me NOT to email them. They told me I had to email billing. Billing told me to talk to sales. Sales told me the ONLY notes on my entire account are quite literally the words, “Do not upgrade.” That’s it. Nothing else. They have no idea why or what to do.

Figure I give it a few days (probably mid-day Monday), see if someone replies to any of the numerous emails I was asked to send and then just do a fraud charge to get my money back for the domain and plan and move on. Only takes a few minutes with the CC company.

All of this occurred in the first 24 hours. To boot, the email said nothing at all would be affected except I wouldn’t be able to add any new domains. Turns out they lied. Entire domain is gone, Can’t adjust DNS, no domains on account anymore, and entire website is down. Been a blast so far.

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There might have been a problem, CF support chain is rather complex and has a lot of departments so this could happen, however, it would be great if you shared the email/tickets where this happened.

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Other than the initial very bland no information email - the rest were via customer support via phone. Since they have completely taken down my entire website I felt it was a bit urgent rather than just emailing and waiting 48 hours. Not to mention like an idiot I used Cloudflare as my registrar (lesson learned) on this domain too, which now shows as “for sale” when you look it up LUL.

I was told by tech support that they cannot help me. Call billing. Billing had no idea what I was even talking about. Call sales. I called sales and did get a gentlemen who “has never seen anything like this in his history working in Cloudflare sales”… so he is going to investigate and get back with me. He said he would try to get back to me tonight (which has come and gone) or Monday. So now we sit with a website fully taken offline for some magical reason for 3 days. Since the site isn’t anything for revenue generation and is merely an informational site I will let it go until mid-day Monday EST and then call my CC company, get my money back and move on. It was a brand new site as we just purchased the domain yesterday so really not much lost other than the sheer frustration of the run around.

The main issue is that you dialed an enterprise-only phone line. They are trained to cut the call if the person behind isn’t an interested enterprise customer or an actual ent customer with serious issues.

So, given that it was the T&S who suspended your domain, there isn’t much the community (or any phone line) can do. However, if you strongly believe it was a false flag, we can try and push things to see if they can re-review the case.

I just checked with my normal registrar and the site is literally available for sale right now. I’m just going to purchase it again tonight with my registrar of choice I think and contact my CC for the fraud charge tomorrow. I do not see how they can bill me (I checked, they billed me) and then literally delete the domain out of their system and release it for sale again. Somebody messed up somewhere, but it sure wasn’t me.

If you want to escalate it, feel free, but the site is literally for sale right now - the one that I purchased, set up DNS records to, and was CHARGED from Cloudflare yesterday. Makes no sense.

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