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My website shows a Account Suspended . Please contact your hosting provider to correct issues causing your website to be offline. I contacted my hosting provider their response is your site is not in suspended state in the server. the site is using Cloudflare Name Servers. Check with Cloudflare support. What should I do, I am stuck. My site is

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That is a message from your hosting provider, that is not a cloudflare error and neither cf Support nor this community can assist with this. But, your hosting provider can help you.


Hi, thank you for coming back to me. If I inspect the Account suspended page it shows the following;

I have asked my hosting company to look again, and they are confirming it is Cloudflare that have suspended my site.

I just don’t know how to put this right.

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This is 100% not Cloudflare who suspended you. All Cloudflare messages are labled/marked are Cloudflare messages and have an Cloudflare internal error code. This one does not, so it’s safe to say, this is not a Cloudflare message.

Also the message clearly states:

Please contact your hosting provider to correct issues causing your website to be offline.

Cloudflare is not your hosting provider.

Here some general infos about why you might got suspended

Why your web host suspended your site?

There are a few reasons why web hosts suspend websites. The most common reasons are:

  • They detected malware on the website . Malware is dangerous for the website, the host and the visitors, so web hosts are quick to act if their scanners detect the following things on your website:
    • Spam links
    • Deceptive content
    • Phishing pages
  • The content is in violation of their terms of use . For instance, if your website is an online pharmacy selling highly regulated substances, then some web hosts will not allow that sort of content for legal reasons.
  • Your website could be using excessive server resources . Hosting packages, especially shared hosting ones, usually come with limits for server and CPU resources. If your website gets a lot of traffic, or is dynamic in nature, it could be going over the limit. If the traffic is not reflecting in your analytics, this could be a sign of a brute force attack as well. To stop bad bot traffic affecting your website, you should install a firewall.
  • Another very common reason for web host account suspension is because of unpaid invoices . Check your email, because they often send a lot of notices if there are dues to be settled.

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I think you got banned/suspended for nudity. Why?

Maybe it’s time to consider switching providers, I’d be concerned if a worker didn’t know the error pages of their own company.
As others have pointed out, that error is not coming from Cloudflare.


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