Account suspend page

I think this is my first post. I have received the page account suspend. Can technical team help me check the site?


You need to contact your host.

Hi sandro,

The page comes from Cloudflare. I already search on the community forums, it needs technical team to review it.

That is not a Cloudflare page. That comes straight from your host. You need to contact them.

Alternatively you have misconfigured your DNS records.

Post a screenshot of your DNS records.

And is your IP address?

I assume it updated automatically. Now I changed the ip to cPanel shared IP

No, why should it update automatically?

As I said initially, thats not a Cloudflare message or issue, you are pointing to the wrong server and need to fix your configuration.

I changed the A record IP of the domain. The page still showing account suspend

Well, loads for me ->

You probably need to wait for propagation.

It is working now, the IP changed from cPanel. Thank you Sandro