Account suddenly inaccessible - You are not authorized to make changes to


I created this account to post in the forum because I no longer have permission to access my old account.

This is what happened:

  • I have multiple websites attached to my primaryAccount I’ve had this account for several years
  • I have permission to access multiple websites from my primaryAccount
  • Yesterday I was added to a client’s account,
  • I requested to be added with appropriate privileges to a new client’s Cloudflare account to help them with DNS changes.
  • They added me and now I can’t log into Cloudflare with my primaryAccount at all (like I had to create a new account in-order to post to this forum)

Here is a screenshot of the problem:

The weird thing to me is that I did not make these changes at all. It seems that they were able to lock me out of my own account somehow?

Again, I have multiple sites on my primaryAccount which now I seemingly have no ability to access.

Thank you!

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I’m going to leave this up because this was very weird to me and I’d like to know what happened. However, almost immediately after posting this I looked through my email for an invite access to their account, found it, and accepted it. After I accepted it I was able to get into my account.

Still very strange to me that someone not even associated with my account was able to essentially deactivate my account.

I realize now that this might have been because I had not accepted access to this client’s account yet. But what this could mean for Cloudflare is that you can lock others out of their accounts just by inviting them to your account.

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That is “not” the type of customer experience we strive for. Sorry for that and thank you for the feedback.

I’ll flag this for my colleagues. I suspect what happened is when you were invited to the other account, the account associated with that email (a different email than you are using here I understand) became a multi-user account (there are associated permissions that change) and your other account was caught in a limbo state for a while until you accepted the invitation. That really does feel odd, even if it’s just a temporary thing. It seems like it would be better to inform you when you logged in & direct you to how to accept the invitation.

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