Account subscription removed

Hello everyone,
I have subscription professional plan and when I remove my site it is remove my subscription also.
What do you know this problem?
subscription on 08/02/2023

Thanks you

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If you need help with billing, then I would recommend making a billing ticket here:

Thank, But I do not know why they remove my subscription?

If you removed your site, chances are the subscription was removed from it but is still in your account. Only the billing team will be able to answer with certainy.


so waiting billing team reply right sir?

Correct. This community is mostly volunteers who have no insight into customer account info.

Thank you brother,

So we need to purchase new one right when we delete site as this mention?

If I want to remove this site and add new site so I need to purchase new plan right sir?

The billing team should be able to transfer the plan to a new zone if it does not already exist.

See below

Plans are not transferable, and yes when you deleted the domain it canceled the Pro plan which means you would need to add it again.

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