Account stolen, unable to rollback e-mail change

Hello everyone,

I’m writing because my Cloudflare account has unfortunately been stolen, and its email address has gotten changed. I’ve tried writing to [email protected], but an automated response just tells me there isn’t an account registered with my email address (duh). I’ve seen other community members with a similar situation post here, so thought I’d give it a shot too and created this new account.
According to the email I have received, the email change happened about 21 days ago (on May 15th 2022). (yes, it took me this long to notice :confused: )
The first logical thing I tried is rolling back the change, however the web interface always gives me the following error: “Unable to rollback your email. Please try again. (Code: 1046)”, no matter how many times I try.
Since I have my credit card information and my personal domain stored in the account, I would like to recover it as soon as possible.
I’d appreciate any help or advice. Mods, please PM me for any information needed.

Thank you in advance,

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