Account Still Active After Downgrading Plan from Pro

When I changed my Pro Plan and downgraded to Free Plan last month a few days after paying my bill $20.00, low and behold I received another Invoice and a request to pay the next month. Why is there a glitch in this area from the other similar posts. I do not wish to delete the account, but did confirm that I wished to downgrade and was not expecting another bill today. How can I stop this invoicing on the service that I previously cancelled.


While downgrading from Pro to Free plan, make sure you have removed any additional page rules that aren’t included with the free plan. For example, if you don’t remove any rules after downgrading to the free plan from the PRO plan, you are charged for the 20 rules (20$).

Please check this article for more details:

If this is not the case then i would advise you to raise a ticket to support team.


I have the same problem with my account , can I get refund for this charge?

Hi @al_bd,

You would need to reach out to our support team for account specific questions.

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