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Our account got compromised after one of my clleague entered the password for his Gmail account in a phishing page, which then was used to reset the password for the CloudFlare account

I could not figure out the way to reach the CF Support, Please help

We have proof to prove the domain and the account was in control of us before the incident today 9:30 am GMT - 27 April 2019


Cant you reset the password at


We tried, The email Id associated with account has been changed to something, as we are not getting the email for recovery


In that case it might be a bit tricky. Email Cloudflare at their [email protected] address and maybe they can figure out something. Alternatively you could simply create a new account and set the domain up from scratch.


We need the attackers to stop using the domain as well, we suspect they are running MITM on the website


Setting up the domain on a fresh account might be the best idea. Just create a new account, switch to the new nameservers provided and you’ll have full control over it again.


But we do not have access to the domain host as well


In that case you have a way more severe issue and need to contact your registrar. Cloudflare cant help here.

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