Account Recovery options

I’ve read the KBs and I am aware that if you do not have access to the email associated with the account you have to move the site (domain, zone) to another Cloudflare account. Here is my issue.

the domain in question shows in a WHOIS lookup to use Cloudflare DNS but as the registrar.

image says the domain doesn’t exist in their records.

I need to get in to make SPF/DMARC entries in the zone file and obviously can’t without access to them.

Can I get some input on my options?

Believe me, you really want to sort out the registrar issue first, as you essentially do not control your own domain right now. If that is a current whois entry and it quite obviously shows that Register is the registrar, so I would ask them why they believe they aren’t.

Maybe they do not have a direct customer record on file, if you registered through a reseller, but that’s something only you can know. How did you renew that domain only a few months ago?

As for Cloudflare, having control over the domain will be the only way to prove you are the owner. If you do not have access to the Cloudflare account nor to the email address nor to the domain itself, I don’t think they can do anything to provide you with access.

Try to get hold of the email account, then you can access the Cloudflare account as well, but your priority really should be to get control over your domain.

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Apart from whois saying it anyhow, maybe direct them to their own whois service

If it they are not the registrar, they will say so themselves. With your domain, they don’t.

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