Account Login Issue (2886993)

Hi, I tried opening a support ticket via email: requests/2886993 but received an automated reply that email ticket is not supported anymore.

This is frustrating as password reset is not sending me any email, and my MFA security key is not getting picked up since I’ve upgraded my computer. (I have two accounts for backup, and I can’t get into either now). I use a password manager for the non-MFA user, so I don’t see how the password would be incorrect.

If you have login issues, complete the form here for assistance,


I’ve tried that form, but was unable to validate the request as I don’t receive the email. I’ve tried again now by providing a different email (selecting the option I can’t receive Cloudflare emails to that address), hopefully that will work.


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I took a look at your ticket. You are not receiving emails because the account you are looking for no longer exists. It is showing up as having been deleted.

If you are looking for an account with a specific domain, I suggest our forgot email portal:

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