Account locked; need help

My account has been locked for a week, I don’t owe anything to Cloudflare, I wanted some help

Your account is locked due to unpaid invoices. (Code: 1323).

There are no unpaid invoices that are shown in my account, I unnecessarily updated our payment method incase it was failing (it wasn’t). I’ve made countless support tickets with no response; this is extremely disappointing and frustrating.

What can I do to expedite a solution as this is hindering our business’s progression?

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I’m sorry to hear about your difficulty. There is no reason to open multiple tickets. It only slows down those who can help by increasing their workload.

You may be affected by this open incident.

If you have already opened a billing ticket, please share the ticket number here, and it will be reviewed as soon as possible.


this is my ticket number

Thank you. I have requested a review of your ticket. You will hear from Cloudflare staff when they are working on it

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It looks like your ticket has already been escalated. Our billing engineers are working as quickly as they can to get this incident resolved. I understand this is a time sensitive situation so we really appreciate your patience here.


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