Account issues with Hostinger

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I already paid for the cloudflare service through Hostinger but when I try to activate it I get this error:

Your domain DNS is already hosted by Cloudflare

If you would like to switch to Hostinger, you must first deactivate from your current Cloudflare account. This option is available in the Overview menu within Cloudflare control panel.

I checked my account at Cloudflare but I can’t find the domain to deactivate because it doesn’t exist. So I don’t understand why it gives the error.

Can you help me solve this please?

we don’t have any visibility into account details, in particular wrt the business relationship you have with a partner.

The zone does not have cf nameservers so I assume if the message you received is accurate that the zone must be active on a different account. Can you ask hostinger to check for old custom hostnames?

Would the “Forgot your email” be a possibility? Type in the domain name and an email might arrive.

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+1 that’s a really great approach. Ways to recover account access are documented here

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